wedding photographer in perth

What to provide for your article

What we’re looking for is at least 350 words. The article content has to be Perth based company profile or product/service article that is Perth focused. Here are some ideas and things to consider for content:

  1. What you offer
  2. Products and brands of products that you sell. If you sell lots of brands keep it to your top 5
  3. Company profile / brief summary of what you do
  4. Mention where you are and areas you service
  5. How long have you been in business
  6. How good you are at your service (don’t say excellent, we know that – word it compelling)
  7. Please include 1 or 2 images (less than 600 pix wide @ 72pdi). At least 1 should be provided.
  8. A URL if it’s going to be different to your home page (i.e. Deep link)
  9. Category of service i..e plumber / celebrant / photographer / comedian etc.
  10. Using bullet points is advisable, make it easy for readers to identify with what you do or benefits
  11. If you have a YouTube video, please feel free to provide a link to it
  12. If your address is public domain, please include that too, so we can include a Google Map on your page/profile
  13. Add value and educate the public on a particular topic, so if you’re a plumber you may want to tell people how to change a washer and list the process, tools and what is required to do this. If you’re a limo driver, you may want to tell people what they can bring on the day or what to expect from the ride.

Please ensure you do not copy and paste content from your existing website, as this will not give you all the benefit that you deserve. If you do want to use what you already have, please reword it at least 30% (reordering paragraphs is not rewording). You can use the Perth Articles Submission Form provided or via MS Word, or simply write an email. Please “Attach” the image to the email, not embed/insert it in the word document or email. If you have trouble resizing, please attach what you have and we will happily resize it for you.

The content and business has to be Perth focused, or it will not be accepted.  All content is reviewed by a human, there are no automatic submissions.  Should your content sound spammy or spun, but still Perth focused we may provide some feedback and ask you to resubmit it, if your content is not Perth centric at all – we won’t even reply to you, we’ll simply delete it.