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Custom made ear plugs

Custom Made Earplugs for Musicians

Musicians live in a world of, well, really loud noise. I’m referring to the amount of db volume pumped through those mega stacks of amplifiers. Unfortunately over a period of time all that loud music can eventually ruin your hearing, and worse give you one hell of a case of tinnitus. And no, tinnitus is […]

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Hearing Aids, Perth

Why You Should Use a Perth Audiologist

Hearing loss can be a frustrating side effect of aging but it can be equally frustrating for loved ones of those with deteriorating hearing. Having to shout details of an afternoon outing while visiting over dinner is no fun for anyone. In fact, many elderly choose to give up altogether and just nod and smile, […]

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Hearing Aids Perth

Vivid Hearing – Hearing Aids Perth

Vivid Hearing is an independent hearing clinic that provides high quality, personalised audiological care. The following services are available: Full hearing assessments Adults (free services to pensioners and DVA clients) Children 3yrs+ Hearing aid assessments Hearing aid fittings Hearing aid fitting reviews Hearing aid maintenance WorkCover hearing tests Pre-employment hearing tests Custom ear plugs Cate […]

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