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An Area of Expertise: Land Surveying

An Area of Expertise: Land Surveying

The surveillance of land requires immense talent and efficient skills; it is a field of study or career undertaken by people who are well-trained and certified in this particular field of study. Land and Boundary Surveyors are individuals who are coveted for their experience and expertise in the matters pertaining to various lands and properties. […]

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Energy Leak Window Frame, Perth

Finding Energy Leaks

One of the most common energy leaks found in Australian homes is through improperly sealed doors and windows.  In most cases problem can be fixed, by using a thermal camera to identify where the seal needs to go to minimise cold air / hot air transfer. Seals can be bought from your local hardware store […]

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Scantherma, Perth

Do not buy a new house without getting Scantherma to audit it first!

Event Weather predicts a long and very sweaty summer in Perth for 2010/2011. With soaring electricity prices and the cost of running an average air con unit about to climb, shouldn’t you be making sure that no cold air escapes from your house? Better still, how about knowing where the hot air gets in! Knowing […]

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