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Hiring plant and heavy machinery

Hiring plant and heavy machinery

Hiring plant and heavy excavation equipment is a common practice among those who want to save on big investment costs. Heavy machinery and plant equipment costs a very large amount; this is a large expense to incur if what you need the machinery for is a small project. For small projects like remodeling or restructuring, […]

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Machinery Hire in Perth and WA

Machinery Hire in Perth and WA

Plant and Machinery Hire WA Whenever there is a construction or a renovation project going on, there is always a need to hire some plans and machines. These machines are needed to complete a lot of work, including excavation, cranes pulling, concrete and other heavy works. In a city like Perth where development rate is […]

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Tramp Metal Detectors for the Mining Industry

Tramp metal detectors are equipment used to detect ferrous, non-ferrous, and magnetic matter in materials that pass through a belt conveyor. Tramp metal detectors are used in many different industries. In the food industry, they are used to prevent tramp metal contamination in the products. For industrial purposes, they are used to detect metals than […]

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bucket elevator components

Bucket Elevator Components

Bucket elevator components vary depending on the type of industry it’s being used for. Many elevator systems are very similar in look and function however some are very different as far as components that are used to make them function properly. If you take away the outer housing of a bucket elevator basically what you’ll […]

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uras vibrating motor

URAS Vibrating Motors

If you’re looking for some of the best vibrators on the market today, URAS vibrating motors are some of the best endurance and performance motors money can buy. Each and every URAS vibrator either meets or exceeds IP-66 standards, which lets you know they take their development and construction very seriously. These vibrators have been […]

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Vibrating Motors

Vibrating Motors by URAS

Vibrating Motors (from URAS) are used extensively in the Mining, Quarry, Mineral Processing, Food, and many more industries, for Screening and Vibrating Feeding applications. In a Screening Application, there is a series of decks, that are separated by different sized screen decks – as the product moves along the deck, it is sized according to […]

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Sanwest – Conveyors

Sanwest P/L was established in 1987, and has grown in that time to be an efficient supplier of a range of equipment that is well suited to the Australian and Worldwide markets.  The main products that we market are Belt Conveyors, Modular Conveyors, Conveyors, Vibrating Motors, Magnets, Tramp Metal Magnets, and Metal Detectors. Our focus […]

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