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Article Submission Guidelines

Perth Articles is a human managed website, and ALL CONTENT is read and reviewed for censorship, correctness and relativity to Perth.

This article submission website is purely Perth and WA Focused.  We will NOT accept any article that is not in topic of Perth and your business is based in Perth (yes, you will need a postal address in Perth/WA).  All content is subject to our discretion, if we feel it’s inappropriate for this website, we will not publish it.  Please review some of our current content, which all has been authorised, this will give you a guide to what is allowed.

Articles provided have to be Perth related.

Article Submission Guidelines

  • Only articles containing “Perth” in the content are allowed.  You can promote a business or talk about anything to do with Perth, i.e. a great restaurant or photos of Perth, but the website needs to have a “Perth” physical presence. If you are a national supplier and don’t have a physical presence in Perth, we can not accept your articles unless you are showcasing a reference client who has a physical presence in Perth.
  • Links are allowed ONLY to Perth websites.  All submissions will have ALL included links checked for validity and an address in Perth has to exist on the website.
  • As an author you don’t have to be in Perth, but the article has to discuss Perth
  • If you are promoting a business, it has to be a Perth based business
  • Absolutely no pornography, no vulgar language, no defamatory statements, no political criticism, no racial statements
  • Each article can be listed only in 1 category
  • An article can have up to 3 tags, any more than this and the article will be removed
  • If your article contains anything that we seem as inappropriate, we will delete it and not notify you, and please do not request for a resubmission
  • Once your article is authorised, you will be notified via email.
  • There are no limits on the amount of content you can add, but we encourage you to keep it over 300 words
  • We encourage you to add in a photo for each article
  • Photo submission guidelines are listed below
  • Submission of articles is free
  • No links to direct Affiliate Marketing pages (i.e. Click Bank / CJ sales pages). You are welcome to link to a website that has for instance Click Bank or CJ listed products, but the user is not directed to a payment page.  And the product has to be related to Perth.
  • It is recommended that you write in 3rd person, but this is not mandatory

Image Upload Guidelines

Image uploads are encouraged for each article and news.

  • Use proper names for your images.  i.e. blue-house.jpg
  • Do not put spaces in your image names i.e “blue house.jpg”
  • Images to be no longer than 400 pixels in width and 400 pixels in height at 72dpi
  • Image formats allowed are JPG, PNG, BNP, GIF
  • Absolutely no pornography or defamatory images
  • The image provided has to have a connection to the content provided
  • All images have to be G rated

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