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Business website content is still king

| 31/01/2014

Are you a small business looking to improve your message? Perhaps you’ve looked at your website and found the writing dull and dense. This is a poor sign if you wish to encourage your readers to stay and buy your product or service. Indifferent copywriting may also affect your search engine visibility. The obvious way to improve your website’s look and visibility is by changing your website content. This is where quality yet affordable Australian web content writers Good Good can help.

Search engine optimisation

What is search engine optimisation(SEO)? This is how well your website ranks on search engines like Google. More specifically how high up (which page) your website appears for certain optimised keywords. It follows that a photography business listed on page one for “wedding photographer Perth” is more likely to obtain work than one on page five.

Therefore “optimising” your website for the search terms in your area of expertise is vital for increasing traffic to your website.

Australian web content writers Good Good can help your site’s search engine optimisation. We achieve this by crisp content writing and skilful use of selected keywords and key phrases In the website’s material.

content is king

Content is king

The term “content is king” is a benchmark rule for content writers. It signifies that no matter what the design, colours and other attractive aspects of a website, if the content is clunky, people will not return. Clear, crisp and concise content writing has a number of benefits for both readers and your company.

  • Ease of reading. People scanning websites are spoiled with a wealth of choice. Short sentences and concise writing may make the difference between keeping readers and driving them away to other sites. They may be your competitors.
  • Increase sales. Great content which includes a clear “call to action” may well increase the number of people who buy from your website. This by describing and pointing the way to where your company’s product or service can be bought.
  • Search engines and good writing. Many factors make up a website that ranks highly, however one underpins all of leading search engine Google’s goals: to improve the readers’ experience.

Here good content plays a vital role. The better the writing, the better the readers’ experience and the more likely Google is to reward the site with a higher ranking. Australian web content writers Good Good are specialists in writing clear content and can improve your search engine rankings through judicious use of keywords and key phrases.

Talk to us and find out what a team of quality Australian web content writers can do for your business.

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