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Hiring plant and heavy machinery

| 15/08/2013

Hiring plant and heavy excavation equipment is a common practice among those who want to save on big investment costs. Heavy machinery and plant equipment costs a very large amount; this is a large expense to incur if what you need the machinery for is a small project. For small projects like remodeling or restructuring, one should look at approaching a rental company for hiring anything from plant to heavy earth moving equipment like Bobcats, dump trucks, dozers, water trucks, or any other machinery you may require.

There are lots of plant and machinery hire and rental companies in the Perth and WA area to choose from. If you browse the internet or the local database for information, you will find that you can hire plant and machinery with or without the operators. If you know how to work the machinery, then you should opt for the dry rental in which case you will not get an operator for helping you work the machinery.

What needs to be kept in mind is that plant and excavator hire are subject to certain terms and conditions. First of all, they charge rent per hour. In just a couple of hundred dollars, you can get your job done. The trick to save on rental money is that you prepare the project site before the machinery arrives. As soon as the machinery gets to the project site, use it and have it on its way back to the rental company as soon as possible.



Note down all the damages in the machinery before you start your rental cycle. You may have to pay for pre-existing damages if you don’t keep a check on this.

When hiring a plant too, ensure that it is maintained nicely by the staff and quality and safety standards set by the industry are followed. Try and get a service history of the plant so you know it is in good condition. Get a log of damaged areas or machinery in the plant which may be recorded before you rent the plant. This avoids extra expenses on your account post hiring.

Before you return the machinery or plant, ensure that you give it back as you received it. Leave the plant and machinery clean. Using a hose to wash off the dirt is a quick trick.

Find a safe, experienced and competitively priced rental company for your projects. The Perth and WA area has many such companies who are insured and offer roll over protection systems for plants that involve risk.

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