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Perth & Western Australia Wine Making

| 15/05/2013

Margaret River Shiraz

Western Australia and Perth has always been known for its winemaking industries. The establishment of these industries can be dated back to the 18th century when English settlers who belonged to Swan River Colony had started planting grape vines. Since then Western Australia has been seeing growth in the wine industry. Today, the wines of Western Australia make significant contribution towards the whole wine industry of Australia. As of now there are more than 70 winemaking locations here. Some of the wine producing areas of Western Australia include Perth Hills, Manjimup, Pemberton, Blackwood Valley, Swan District etc. Among these Margaret River Wine region is quite a popular one among people.

Margaret River region is not only noted for many surfing locations but also for its wines. Henceforth, the region makes for a favorite surfing destination as well as a famous wine growing area. The dominant varieties of grapes that are grown here include Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Chenin Blanc, Semillon and Merlot.

Mild weather and plenty of sunshine are what describe the area of Margaret River region the best. It is one of the best regions in Western Australia to enjoy spectacular scenery and top notch wineries. In fact Margaret River Wine is acknowledged for its quality and tastes, and the best known Margaret River wine is the one made from Shiraz grape.


Shiraz is a widely planted grape not only in Western Australia but in the whole nation. Given the inherent rich flavors and their ability to become very ripe makes them perfect for wines. What’s more is that this grape variety tends to flourish in an array of climates. Cool climate is however an ideal surrounding for them. Shiraz is often referred to as spicy red wine. These wines exhibit firm tannins and are typically smooth and ripe unlike younger red ones. They appear to be deep purple-colored and are teamed with flavors like bell pepper, black cherry, clove, plum, dark chocolate and similarly many other flavors.

The winemakers are trying older barrels and French oak to get new styles and complexity of wines. Their focus is on expressing regional characters, and Shiraz is their hot favorite nowadays because of the ease with which Shiraz can be crafted into various styles.

You can pair Margaret River wine with grilled veggies, grilled meats, beef stew, red meats, crusted tuna, pork to name a few. Just remember that the high alcohol content in Margaret River Shiraz will not go with delicate dishes. That goes without saying that white fish dishes will not be ideal snacks to take with these wines. Instead, if you are not sure what to pair with these wines then simply indulge in anything that is barbecued.

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