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Proper Denture Care Protects You and Your Investment

| 07/05/2013

Taking care of your dentures properly is greatly important for more than one reason.  When you are fitted for dentures at one of the professional Perth denture clinics, you are making not only a monetary investment but one in your health as well.  No matter whether you have a partial dental plate or a full set, there are several reasons why you should practice good denture care.

Proper care prolongs the life of your dentures

Let’s face it; having a set of dentures made is not an inexpensive thing to do. Not only do they have to be custom fitted but the material that are used in a well-made professionally crafted set of prosthetic teeth isn’t cheap either. Therefore, taking proper care of your dentures will hopefully keep you from having to replace them any time soon.

Cleaning and sanitising your dentures protects them and your health

Many people don’t realise that just like a real tooth, denture material can attract bacteria and have plaque build-up. While the dentures themselves won’t decay, bacteria and plaque can affect your gums. If you have partial dentures, then these build- ups can affect your remaining natural teeth and cause them to decay. Therefore, your dentures need to be brushed regularly and if they are removable, then taken out for cleaning and sanitizing each day.  When you remove your dentures, remember to brush the gum portion as well as bacteria can become trapped there also.  Just like natural teeth that are unclean, unclean dentures can also cause bad breath.

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Proper handling and storage are necessary to prolong the life of your dentures.

Proper handling of your prosthetic teeth is necessary to prevent any breakage, chipping or cracks.  Dentures that have been damaged don’t fit properly and are quite uncomfortable.  You should avoid wrapping your dentures in napkins or paper towels as this will cause them to dry out and possibly crack. Also, when you clean your dentures, you should hold them over a soft towel to prevent them from coming in contact with hard surfaces and cracking. Store your dentures in a proper container at room temperature and only use approved cleaning solutions.

If you are ever unsure about how to clean or store your dentures, you can always seek advice from one of the many denture clinics in Perth that specialise in denture care. Proper care for your dentures will help them last for a long time.


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