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Heating Solutions for this Winter

| 09/04/2013

The winter in Perth is a dark, cold and hard time for many folks. It’s hard to get to work in the morning, the cold air is not inviting and paying for that always expensive heating bill is never a fun time. Although heating a home can be fairly expensive there are a few things that you can do in order to save a couple of bucks. Let’s go over a few different ways that someone on a budget can save money in their home.


The first thing you should be doing is calling your local energy company and asking them for help on how to save money on your monthly bill. Most companies are more then willing to help you save costs and will even do so without you asking for the help. They can teach you some simple tips and tricks in order to get that bill down. Give them a call if you have not already done so.

Wood Heaters

If you are heading down south, Bunbury Wood heaters are a great way to heat your holiday home. Gathering wood can be ether easy or hard, depending on your location but someone is always willing to do it for you if you can’t find the free time. If you are setting up a fireplace make sure you cover up all air leaks and do it correctly otherwise it can cause some problems of its own.

bunbury-gas-heatersGas heaters

Gas heaters are fairly commonly used to heat homes and this is because they are safe and cheap. In regional areas such as Bunbury, Gas heaters are great, easy to maintain and ensure that your home will stay warm no matter what. Natural gas is safe for the environment and is very cost efficient.


Area rugs are very effective at keeping your floors warm and nothing is worse than waking up in the morning and walking on a cold floor.  Rugs are soft to walk on and can heat your home fairly well.

Seal Off Doors and Windows

Be sure to effectively seal off any doors and windows that may have an air leak. That draft of cold air is costing you a lot of money every month so the sooner you fix the problem the more money you can save. A quick fix is to place a towel underneath your door in order to trap the heat in the room. You can also put curtains on the windows to stop the cold air from coming insid.

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