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Perth Wine enthusiasts love Margaret River Wine

| 27/03/2013

Not to mention Margaret River Cabernet

It’s true that all the talk at tables around Perth is about Australian Wines and the regions in where this great wine is being produced. Whatever budget you as a wine lover may have, it is possible to get a great Aussie wine, from a great region, at the right price.

Types of great wine

Sparkling comes in all shapes and colours and sizes, and it’s a great drink when celebrating with family and friends. Try an Australian sparking Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Australian speciality – Sparkling Shiraz, a red sparkling wine produced from Shiraz grapes.

White Wines
Australia produces so much white wine we are spoiled for choice! Delightfully dry Rieslings from the Clare and Eden Valleys, crisp Chardonnay from the Margaret River Wine Region and Yarra Valley and refreshing and age-worthy Semillon from the Hunter Valley only scratches the surface. It won’t surprise you that the winemakers who create them have a unique approach that sets their wines apart from the rest of the world.

Red Wine
Excellent soil and weather conditions means that Australia has a great climate and environment for growing excellent quality grapes that can used to create amazing red wines. Try a Cabernet Sauvignon from Coonawarra Valley or Margaret River Cabernet for a quality world famous drop. Also popular is the Margaret River Shiraz- grown throughout Australia at various regions, this type of wine is increasing popular among wine lovers.


Fortified and Dessert wines
Lets not forget this additional great wine creation from our Australia wine producers. These wines are sometimes described as “liquid sunshine”, as the grapes are generally left on the vine much longer than usual, allowing the berries to store more natural sugar while drying out slightly in the warmth of Australia’s autumn days.  These sweet wines are a sensational accompaniment to fruit desserts and are perfect with blue or soft cheeses.

So no matter what your taste or occasion, from white to red and sparkling to fortified, your sure to find a delicious A+ Australian Wine.

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