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A mouth guard may be your most important piece of football equipment

Australia football (Aussie Rules) players have a very minimal equipment list. Most of the time their uniform consists of a jersey, pair of shorts, socks, shin pads and a light helmet. One piece of equipment that could possibly considered the most important one of all is a mouth guard.

Why is the mouth guard so important? As with any contact sport, when one plays football in Australia, there is the potential to have the ball or body part of another player come in contact with one’s face. This contact can potentially cause damage to one’s mouth and teeth. That is why anyone considering playing football, whether pro or community league needs to make sure they buy mouth guards in Perth or wherever they may be playing.

Each year hundreds of athletes are injured because they don’t wear a mouth guard. What many new athletes don’t realise is that nearly half the injuries that occur when playing football are injuries to the face and mouth. Not only does wearing a mouth guard protect you from broken teeth, but also from cut lips, broken jaws and injuries to your tongue. How badly does a football to one’s face hurt? Considering that on average, a tossed or kicked football can travel at nearly 80 KPH, there can be some serious damage done to one’s mouth. You can also imagine the damage that would occur if you were to smack head on in to a tagger who’s running full tilt down the field, determined to bring down a player on the opposite team. With the size that some players are-that would be the equivalent of running full speed into a concrete wall.


There are many resources for buying mouth guards in Perth and other cities and while off the shelf devices meet safety standard requirements, having a customized mouth guard gives a player better protection. One of the best advantages of doing so is that the mouth guard is designed to fit a player’s particular mouth size and is molded to their individual facial shape. One can compare it to purchasing a suit jacket off the rack or having one made to one’s specific measurements. Which feels more comfortable?

Whether you’re an amateur or professional football player, the most important piece of equipment you can have in your kit is a mouth guard. Not only will it protect you from injury, but will save time and money that has to be spent on medical and dental care.

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