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Buy Thermal Cameras in Perth

| 13/03/2013

Today technology appears to be more dynamic than ever and it’s moving things fast in addition to making work easier for everybody, Thermal cameras are the newest entrant to hit the technology market, these sort of cameras have an engineering detection system that’s fast and extremely effective and isn’t known to cause any damage to our homes. Insect infestation in our homes and particularly termites is a true drawback however with thermal cameras home-owners can simply sight the insect infested locations and analyze them however deep the infestation may be.

thermal photo of a fridge

Many people are well aware that locating termites isn’t a simple issue to try however technology has brought a solution which is a thermal camera. Home house owners usually fall into prey from some companies that claim to get rid of the termites only for the termites to reemerge after a while, this can be an awfully expensive exercise given the fact that you may be needed to acquire demolition services whenever they come around.

Many a times house owners aren’t conscious of the extent of the termite but with thermal imaging cameras one can simply sight the extent of the termites. Thermal cameras work by applying heat patterns and if the walls or floor on which a thermal camera is used change s its traditional color then one can easily detect the precise location where the termites are. Once you see color image red or yellow this indicates insect concentration areas whereas a blue or purple color indicates less infestation. Thermal cameras operators are highly trained to grasp and analyse these color patterns. Please note that conditions have to be correct for termites to be seen on a thermal image.

Thermal cameras for house inspections

Termites are terribly hard to find and once you embark on the search ensure you search the complete building. Thermal imaging technology uses a camera to scan all the walls, floor and ceiling areas effectively and over a brief period and it’s not known to cause any harm to the building.

Use of a thermal imaging camera has many benefits and a number of that include;

  • Quick and effective work on the insects
  • Thermal cameras are Non-invasive and non-intrusive
  • They are able to scan all areas together with the walls, floors, ceilings in addition to the out doors areas
  • They do not use any radiation or chemicals
  • Less or no harm to the building
  • Instant info on insect infestation
  • Accurately finds the precise location of the termites

FLIR’s thermal cameras are an honest bet for your entire structure check ups and these cameras are readily available in the Perth market.


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