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Understanding Perth Quantity Surveyors

| 08/03/2013

Are you in need of a Quantity Surveyor Perth area? Before you get a quantity surveyor you should know a little bit more about them and how they can help your business or project.  The Quantity Surveyor gets the name form the Bill of Quantities. This is a document that looks at the quantities of labour, materials, a d other things within a construction project. This usually comes from the design drawings.

Quantity Surveyor

Quantity Surveyors Perth can have many jobs such as preparing the schedules or bills that relate to the labor, quantity of materials, and services that are needed in the construction, building, and engineering of a structure.  The Quantity Surveyor is often called a Construction Economist or a Cost Manager. They are professional advisors within the construction industry.  The surveyor will work with financiers, architects, suppliers, engineer contractors, accountants, project owners, solicitors, courts, and insurance underwriters. The quantity surveyor may also:

  • evaluate the progress and prepare the payments that are connected with a sub-contract or contract
  • they may appraise th? constructions under proposal and the structures that are already there
  • They may prepare the specifics of a construction before it starts
  • They may act as a arbitrator during disputes that’s connected with engineering work,  or building
  • They will advise with value management as well as cost management on occasion
  • They will look at the various contracts within the project
  • They  may also look at health and safety regulations
  • They allocate work to various subcontractors that are working on the project

The quantity surveyor is responsible for figuring out how much a structure is going to cost and they also work in some cases to manage the construction costs in the best way possible for the project. In many cases this management will be millions of dollars.

The surveyor can look as the costs of a project and work to develop a budget for that project. They will do cost planning to help all members of the design team so practical solutions can be found for problems within the budget. They will consult with a project architect. The project drawings, specifications, and plans will be looked at so the contractors can get the right prices for the project. The Quantity Surveyor can decide how much of the job should be done at any one time so the project can stay on budget and not hand over any money until that money is due for the project.

The surveyor must have an analytical mind and must be able to work with complex issues within a project. They must be able to deal with financial matters and work through problems that arise during the entire project. They must be very accurate as these projects deal with large sums of money and there’s no room for costly mistakes during the project. The Quantity Surveyor is needed due to their expertise for construction and other projects.

So keep this is mind when you search for a Quantity Surveyor in Bunbury or Perth.

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