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Top attractions and activities in Perth to visit

| 05/12/2012

Perth holds a lot of exotic attractions for the tourists visiting from the outside. There are many healthy and enjoyable activities in Perth that tourists can expect. Let us share some of the best places to visit and make the most of your trip to Perth.

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Kings Park and Botanical Garden

One of the most enjoyable activities in Perth is visiting the Kings Park and Botanical Garden. An estimated six million tourists from around the world visit Kings Park and Botanical Garden every year. There are a lot of scenic views and picturesque locations there to visit. The park has expanded to over 400 hectares, located in close proximity to the Swan River. Kings Park exhibits all that Western Australia flora has to offer. The park not only offers a great place to unfold and relax, it is also used regularly for picnics, cultural events, and ceremonies. The park can be a treasure for bird watchers with over 80 species of birds. Similarly, there are more than 300 species of native plants. The management of the park is committed to preserve the biological diversity and keep offering wider range of interest for tourists visiting from all corners of the world.

Penguin Island

Visiting Penguin Island is one of the most enjoyable activities in Perth to do. It is amongst the key ecotourism destinations in the world packed with a lot of fun and adventure. You can have a complete demonstration of the smallest penguin in the world. You can also time your visit with any of the three daily feedings for the penguin. Some of the other attractions offered the Penguin Island are.

  • Visit the Shoalwater Bay to see the sea lion colony.
  • You can also have fun on the Dolphin Watch Adventure Cruise, to see the dolphins in the wild at their best.
  • A 45 minute walk on any of the broadwalks will take you to the unspoiled beauty of the island. This can be a great place for some fun camera shooting.
  • You can also add the relaxing feel to your day by taking a swim in the warm shallow waters of the front beach.
  • Bird watchers will love to visit the Penguin Island with the chance to see bird species like darters, terms, fairy terns, noddies, silver, and bar tailed godwit etc.
  • Some of the other fun things that Penguin Island offers are picnics, water sports, caves on the front beach, or a relaxing sunshine on the edge of the beach.

Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo is amongst the oldest zoos in the world established back in 1898. The estimated number of visitors is more than half a million every year. There are two types of tours offered to zoo visitors. The first type of tours is in the zebra cars and the second ones are walking tours. The zoo also offers close encounters with African, Asian, Australian, and South African Wildlife. You can bring in camera, transport items like prams, strollers, wheelchairs, and an umbrella to protect yourself from the harshness of the wet or hot weather. Consumption of alcohol is not allowed on general grounds but you can consume it on main lawn. The zoo also offers many free barbeque and picnic tables to add a spice to your visit.

Visit York

Interested in the history of Western Australia? One of the tourist activities in Perth can be exploring the history of Western Australia. York is a great place to have a glimpse of the past that Western Australia has been through. There are several Victorian and Federation buildings restored. There are many historical sites in York as well. You can also follow the annual events calendar to see what more can you get from York as tourist. Some of the other key attractions that York offers are music festivals, sky diving, paragliding, and picturesque views of the Avon River.

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