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Perth Weddings – Tips for Hiring Contractors for Your Event

| 17/09/2012

A wedding is a very special day in your life. Planning for your wedding is a huge task. You need to handle everything, from deciding on the menu to going for dress fittings to selecting the music for the wedding. Hiring a Perth weddings contractor can make the planning a lot more manageable. You are still making all the decisions but the execution is done by the contractor.

Types of contractors

A contractor with his experience of Perth weddings will be able to give you a wide variety of options. Decision making becomes easy when you have different contractors handling different aspects of the wedding. Decide on the theme of your wedding, whether you want an indoor or outdoor wedding.  Depending on the theme of the wedding, you can marry in the morning or evening.

An invitation designer handles the wedding invitations, delivery of it and gives you a confirmed guest list. A florist takes care of decorating the stage and the room. A musician can arrange for ceremony musicians and DJ or a live band. A caterer will make different cuisines at the wedding along with providing drinks and beverages.

A wedding videographer will capture all the special moments for you to watch later. Hire a car rental service for your wedding car and also to transport guests. You also need to hire a wedding coordinator to handle all this on the wedding day for you.

Some contractors offer all inclusive services for Perth weddings. This means you get an invitation designer, catering service, flower decoration contractor, lighting coordinator, DJ – all in one place. But getting a contractor who offers quality service will need proper research.

wedding photographer perth

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Finding a wedding contractor

You can look up online wedding directories for Perth to find all the contractors in one location. Once you select 2 to 3 contractors, you can browse through their websites to see the kind of service they offer and read up the reviews on them.

The best way to zero-in on a contractor is to meet them. Discuss your ideas, hear out their suggestions and you will be able negotiate a good deal with them. Compare prices, but go with your gut feeling if a contractor understands your ideas, even if he is a tad costlier.

Tips to work with wedding contractors

You also need to establish a good relation with the contractors in the run up to the wedding. To ensure this, make sure you meet them regularly to see the progress of your ideas and add suggestions to make it better.

If you are meeting the caterer, ask him to give you a sample of the menu for tasting.

If you don’t like the dish, you can always change the menu in time. When you touch base with a musician, deciding on the music depends on the theme of your wedding. If you choose a live band, then discuss the song selection with him so that everybody can enjoy the wedding.

Be in constant touch with your wedding coordinator and apprise him of any change in plans. On your wedding day, he will take over coordinating with all the other contractors so that you have a stress free day.

On the day of the wedding, you will be at peace and enjoy the day. All the contractors during Perth weddings will be working back-stage to ensure that your day is a memorable one.

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