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Bobcat Hire Perth: Choosing the right bobcat

| 07/09/2012

Bobcat hire Perth companies offer a wide range of machines for various applications including construction and farm work. Bobcat is a world famous brand of compact construction equipment. They are strong, reliable and versatile enough to handle just about any job. They include excavators, utility vehicles, tractors, skid steers, steer loaders and a wide range of attachments.

When choosing a Bobcat, you should consider the following:

The Task or Job at Hand

Ultimately, your choice of equipment will be determined by the task or job you are working on. By speaking to a specialist from a Bobcat hire Perth service, you can determine what machines and attachments are suitable for the job. The specialist can also offer you manuals for your equipment of choice. Two very popular Bobcat machines are compact excavators and loaders.

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Compact Excavators

The recent increase in the popularity of compact excavators has led to the creation of several models. First of all, check on the tail and house swing options. An excavator with zero house and tail swings will come in handy when you are very close to objects or against a wall. Independent boom swing, on the other hand, is useful when you are parallel or adjacent to an existing structure.  Ask the Bobcat hire Perth service about attachment availability so that you can maximize machine utilization.


Bobcat loaders are available in three different frame sizes: small, medium and large. Some of these loaders can be narrowed depending on the confines of the environment in which you are working. The kind of loader you choose will be determined by weight of the material you want to lift such as soil, sand, concrete. Consider the specifications of the loaders including the operating capacity and lift heights. Each Bobcat loader has a rated operating capacity which specifies the weight of the material that it can lift.


Bobcat hire Perth companies offer compact machines, which are suitable for barns and other restricted spaces and larger models, which are suitable for excavating large areas and loading large amounts of material. If you are installing cable, phone and electrical lines, you will need a compact model that can get into those hard to reach places. Larger models, however, provide the advantage of heavy loader buckets and a wider range of attachments than compact models.


As a Bobcat operator, you need to be to be comfortable in order to be productive. Using an uncomfortable Bobcat can cause extreme fatigue in the arms and legs. If you are considering Bobcat hire Perth, be sure to check the machine’s ease of operation, noise levels within the cab and visibility

Test Drive

Although machines may appear to operate at the same speed at first glance, you never really know how the machine will operate at full load. A 30 to 60 minute test drive allows you to determine whether the Bobcat you are about to hire really suits your needs. During the test drive you can perform your most common activities including digging a hole, scooping loose soil or sand and levelling a filled spot.

When you are choosing a Bobcat to that has few moving parts, minimum maintenance costs and the ability handle tough jobs reliably. Many Bobcat hire Perth companies will have a variety of options for you to choose from.

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