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Tips for Choosing Wedding Limousines for the Bridal party

| 29/07/2012

Figuring out wedding transportation for the bridal party is an important part of wedding planning. Wedding limousines are the preferred mode of transport for most bridal parties due to their functionality and memorability. Choosing the right limousine makes it possible for your bridal party to enjoy the ride to the wedding ceremony and reception. The two most important things that every bride should keep in mind when choosing a limousine are the size of the bridal party and the amenities they require.

Size of the Bridal party

Knowing the size of your bridal party is a necessity when you are booking the wedding limo. Remember, you do not want your bridal party cramped into a small limousine as they will not be able to enjoy the moment. If you have a party of 6, do not go for wedding limousines that have a 6-seat capacity. Instead, hire an 8-10 seater limousine as this will allow them enough room to have a celebration.

Also, decide in advance how transportation from the wedding ceremony to the reception will work. For instance, are you and your spouse going to ride with the bridal party in the limo? If so, you’ll need a much bigger limo. Usually, if you have a bridal party of between 4 and 20 people, you should be able to find a limousine to transport them comfortably. Standard, super stretch and SUV wedding limousines hold a maximum of 6, 14 and 22 people respectively. If you have more than 22 people in your bridal party, you need to start looking at party buses.

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When you are hiring a limousine for your bridal party, you should know what kind of amenities you are looking for. That’s because different limousines offer different kinds of amenities.

Speaker System

While it is normal to assume that any limousine you hire will have a sound system, not all sound systems are compatible with ipods. If you do not want to be stuck listening to the limousine company’s choice of music, find out in advance whether their wedding limousines have ipod-compatible sound systems. If not, burn your favourite music onto a CD and bring it with you.

Champagne Buckets and ice

Bridal parties love to pop champagne in the back of the limo and toast to the couple. Obviously, the kind of alcohol or champagne available in the limo will vary depending on the limo Company. Call the company in advance and find out what kind of champagne they provide and if you do not like it, request something different or bring your own.


The lighting in the wedding limousine can either make or break the party mood. Fibre optic and neon lighting gives wedding limousines a party feel.

Leather Interior

Leather interior and plush carpeting makes for a very comfortable ride to and from the wedding ceremony. Obviously if the wedding party is only going to be in the wedding limousines for a few minutes, you may not need to pay for the leather interior and plush carpets.

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