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Baby Portrait Photographer: Preparing for a Newborn Photography Session

| 29/07/2012

You have booked a newborn photography session with a baby portrait photographer of your choice and chosen a location for the session; what next?

Preparing for a newborn photography session in advance not only increases your chances of getting the beautiful portraits but also ensures that your baby stays comfortable throughout the whole session. Newborn photography sessions generally take between 1 and 3 hours. Below are tips on how to prepare yourself, your baby and your home for the first photography session.

Pick a Room for the Shoot

Picking a room in advance will allow you enough time to prepare it for the shoot. The ideal room will have a comfortable bed, big windows and enough space for the baby portrait photographer to set up his or her equipment and props. This way, your baby will be comfortable and the photographer will have enough natural light to work with.

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Heat-up the Room

Whether your baby is going to be photographed in his or her birthday suit or in several different outfits, the room needs to be warm. Babies get fussy when the room is not warm enough and this could cause the photography session to take longer than anticipated. Before the baby portrait photographer arrives, heat-up the room to at least 25 degrees Celsius. Note that smaller rooms heat up faster and stay warm longer than larger rooms.

Get your Baby Comfortable

Clean your baby and feed him or her about half an hour before the shoot so that he or she is sleepy during the session. It is much easier to photograph a sleepy newborn. Keep other young children away from this room as they may startle the baby causing him to wake up. Also, loosen the baby’s diaper before the shoot and allow enough time for the diaper lines to disappear.

Get your Props Ready

While you can expect the baby portrait photographer to bring a number of props such as baby hats and blankets, it doesn’t hurt to have some props of your own. Get together your baby’s favourite blanket and stuffed animal, family heirlooms and any other props you would like to use in the session before hand.

Prepare the Baby’s Supplies

Since a newborn photography session can take up to 3 hours, you may need to feed, change and cuddle your baby in the middle of the session. Therefore, have the baby’s bottle, extra diapers, baby wipes, water-proof bed sheets and towels with you during the session.

Get Yourself Ready

While the baby portrait photographer is mainly there to get great shots of the baby, he or she may want to get a couple of family portraits or use you and your spouse as a background for the baby’s photos. Therefore, allow yourself enough time to get ready before the photo shoot. Also, wear dark, neutral-coloured clothes as these will make a great background for the baby’s photos.

Once you have done the above, you can relax and let someone like Cooper Photography who is a Perth baby  photographer work his magic.  You can also take a look at Perth Photography for more information about various photography styles and companies.

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