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Various Conveyor Types

| 17/07/2012

There are a large number of designs and types of conveyor equipment and each one serves a specific function. When it comes to aggregate mining, the most essential type of conveyor needed is one that is straight forward and simple that will slag and crush stone and move gravel and sand.

Dog Leg Conveyors

Arguably, this happens to be the most convenient available type owing to the fact that it is very easy to adjust it from the leg. This is the fundamental reason as to why it was given this name. It is possible to adjust the legs to various angles which enhances its flexibility for all surfaces thus you will spend less time configuring and it is quite easy to set it up. It is available in various models in various sizes.


Truss stackable conveyors

These are also referred to as stacking conveyors and also very efficient in the transportation of things. The best part about it is that it allows you to carry everything in one load as you can simply stack the goods on each other. You will simply require a flat bed truck to help you move it from one place to the next thus it is very beneficial in multi quarry and site operations. It is available in many lengths and sizes.

Stackable Transfer Conveyors

It is very similar to the truss stackable type and is specially designed to be used for aggregate mining on the road. It is easily portable, easy to place on top of others and can easily be carried on a truck bed. The main difference between these two kinds is that this one comes with no reinforced truss frames. The main purpose that this conveyor serves is the holding high of materials and the maintenance of high productivity levels which then goes to say that it needs very little movement.  You can find this in various sizes according to the needs of your mining operations.

Dribble Conveyors

These are not portable but are still very beneficial conveyors. It has trays that are used in the flowing and movement of materials. The most fundamental purposes that it serves are sorting, packaging and bagging. It is the most appropriate type in the event that you are running operations that are less mobile as it can significantly enhance the productivity of the operations.

Channel Conveyors

This type basically serves the purpose of moving materials over short distances. The way it is designed may not allow it to accommodate high level portability but they are very beneficial as they can significantly increase the rate at which you move your materials within the mining site. It is among the most affordable mining conveyors available and it is without a doubt a very beneficial one.

Electromagnetic feeders

These are suitable for dealing with bulk quantities of both fine and coarse materials. They happen to be extremely reliable and provide one with great control and accuracy. They require minimum maintenance owing to the fact that they require no belts, cams or any other things that require greasing. They derive power from opposing magnetic forces.



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