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Wedding Celebrants Can Bring Personality to a Wedding

| 16/07/2012

Today, the roles of wedding celebrants extend far beyond marrying the couple and registering the marriage. Couples today are rather specific about their individual tastes and are looking for a wedding celebrant that can reflect their personality and style in the wedding ceremony. This is because every celebrant has his or her own way of presenting the ceremony. Below are a few tips on finding a celebrant that will respect your personality.

Choose Civil Marriage Celebrants

If you choose to get married in a church, it is very likely that a priest or minister will perform the ceremony. Since most priests and ministers are quite set in their ways with regard to officiating wedding ceremonies, you will not have much of an opportunity to introduce your style and personality into the wedding. Civil wedding celebrants on the other hand are a bit more flexible and allow you to be creative with your wedding ceremony. They can shape the content of the ceremony to reflect your personality and that of your spouse. They allow you to:

  • Write your own wedding vows or choose from their selection of vows.
  • Incorporate sub-ceremonies such as the hand ceremony and rituals into the wedding ceremony.
  • Involve family and friends in the ceremony
  • Shorten the ceremony considerably by eliminating non-essential components such as the “giving away.”
  • Choose readings for the ceremony
  • Play your favourite music during the ceremony.

Go for Wedding Celebrants with Diverse Experiences

Regardless of how unique your wedding ideas are, it should be possible to find a wedding celebrant who has done something similar before. For instance, if you want to have a contemporary wedding, look for celebrants who have diverse experience with contemporary weddings. In addition, if you are planning to have spiritual, religious or other rituals in your wedding, you should look for Perth wedding celebrants who have done that sort of thing before.

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No matter how well your chosen celebrant fits into the style and theme of your wedding, he or she can only officiate your wedding if he or she is authorized to do so. There are two steps to finding out whether wedding celebrants are authorized.

  1. Ask your chosen celebrant to show you his or her letter of authorization. The letter should bear a registration number.
  2. Go to the attorney general’s website and confirm that the details the celebrant has given you are correct.

Always Interview the Celebrants

Meeting the celebrants to discuss your ideas for the wedding ceremony is an important part of selecting the right person for the job. It allows you to determine how comfortable you are around the person, how interested he or she is in finding out your wishes for the wedding ceremony and whether or not they present themselves professionally. All these factors will come in handy when you are making the final decision.

Wedding celebrants have the power to determine the style and personality of the weddings that they officiate. For this reason, you should take the above tips into consideration before choosing a wedding celebrant.

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