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Web Designer Contracts and Templates

| 03/04/2012

Starting a new web design business is both stressful and highly rewarding. On one hand you get to do what you absolutely love (design websites), and on the other hand you have the stress of running a full fledged business. Many creative types have trouble melding their creative skills into a functional business. They normally have excellent design skills, but poor business skills.

Some new web design firms do not have the capital to consult with solicitors to draft their Web Designer Contracts and Templates. Do not for one second think that you can do design work without a contract. A contract will protect you, and will clearly state exactly what the customer is paying for. This will protect you when you come across dishonest and unhappy customers — Trust me you will!

web designer contracts

Instantly Download Existing Web Designer Contracts Now

You do not have to worry about paying a┬ásolicitor a large amount of money because we already have. We’ve already done all the heavy lifting and all you have to do is download the forms you need. Instantly download our contracts for less than $100, and you will have everything you need. As a new company, the majority of your capital should go into marketing your business to find new customers. Our downloads include a full suite of contracts and templates that will have you up and running.

Why Use Our Contracts?

  1. They have been drafted by an solicitor
  2. We have everything you need in one place
  3. Using us will save you money
  4. Using us will save you time
  5. We’re easy to work with
  6. Proper Forms Make You Look Legit

Why You Need A Contract & Work Agreement Forms

Contracts protect everyone involved. First, it protects your client and states everything that he or she should expect from you. Second, it protects you from your clients. You never want to start a job without a mutually agreed upon outcome. Your customers needs to know exactly what changes you plan on making to their site, and when to expect delivery of your services.

You can even use the contract as a selling point because it can be used to validate your promises. Work agreements also turn your words into something physical. When the customer sees the list of great things you have planned for their site, they get excited about doing business with you. As stated above, a contract will protect you and you can present it to unhappy customers.

Add Legitimacy To Your Company

Once you download our contracts and forms, you can easily add your logo. Our forms are professionally drafted and look excellent, yet that is not the type of legitimacy that this topic is about. The average small business is bombarded with emails from people wanting to sell them services, and what will separate you from them is how complete and professional your forms are. At all times you need the customer to think of you as someone he can trust. Those other companies with their homespun agreements and contracts will not gain their trust, but you will with your Web Designer Contracts and Templates.

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