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Tramp Metal Detectors for the Mining Industry

| 29/03/2012

Tramp metal detectors are equipment used to detect ferrous, non-ferrous, and magnetic matter in materials that pass through a belt conveyor. Tramp metal detectors are used in many different industries. In the food industry, they are used to prevent tramp metal contamination in the products. For industrial purposes, they are used to detect metals than can damage equipment. In mining, they are used to efficiently separate precious materials from non-precious matter.

What Can Tramp Metal Detectors do for Miners?

metal detectors perthIt is important to note that tramp metal detectors can also be used to detect desired metals. In other words, such equipment works in two ways. Typically, detectors are designed to detect tramp metals so that miners can identify which ore contains the least useful materials. Tramp metal detection is often employed at the earliest mining process, particularly when ores are collected.

Once the tramp metal detectors have identified where in the hunch of ores the tramp metals are, they would not need to process it anymore. This way, miners are able to collect precious metals faster. The turnaround time is significantly reduced and as a result productivity is dramatically increased.

Tramp metal detectors that are used in mining work at extra complicated levels especially if the precious materials are embedded in highly conductive ores. A poorly designed tramp metal detector cannot function efficiently if the materials that pass through the conveyor belt are highly conductive, or are filled with other substances such as pyrites, hematite or magnetite.

In these cases, the tramp metal detector is prone to sending false tramp events and therefore becomes inaccurate. To avoid this problem, it is recommended to choose the appropriate type of tramp metal detector. Tramp metal detectors, although they may look the same, vary in features too. Finding the right detector means choosing the one with the correct features for a particular mining environment.

Furthermore, the key to an efficient tramp metal detector is establishing an environment that is free of metal. The area that surrounds the tramp metal detector should be clear of metal elements so that it can detect tramp metals in the ores at optimum efficiency.

What Makes a Good Tramp Metal Detector?

The basic components of tramp metal detectors are simple. These are:

  • Controls
  • Output device
  • Signal processor
  • Sensor

The sensor is the sensitive component that responds to the presence of tramp metal particles. Upon sensing tramp metals, the sensor sends a signal to the signal processor. Signal processors work like a computer. Upon processing the signal, the output device is activated and sends an alarm. The control allows the operator to govern the tramp metal detector.

What makes tramp metal detectors different from one another is their sensors. There are detectors with sensors that employ the technique called the Pulsed Eddy Current. The technique lets a detector determine the presence of tramp metals even if magnetic and conductive materials are present. Other sensors use the Pulse Induction Principle. The PIP is capable of working without malfunctioning in the presence of strong vibrations.

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Sensors are also capable of distinguishing noise from a legitimate tramp metal event. This feature reduces false alarms and thus contributes to the efficiency of the operation. It is also useful in areas where interference in radio signals is present or where electrical storms are experienced. Modern sensors are also configurable, hence giving the tramp metal detector more versatility.

The most advanced sensors are capable of recording tramp events. This feature allows operators to sift through all tramp detection events whenever they need to. Moreover, such detectors can collect the details about the type of contaminant, where it is located, and when the tramp event has occurred. This way, operators can recognize the points where or the areas where the tramp metals are.

There are several tramp metal detector manufacturers that supply equipment and provide services. Should you decide to have a tramp metal detector for your business, they are willing to work in partnership with you. In line with material support, tramp detector manufacturers offer knowledge based assistance that will teach you how to maximize the use of your tramp metal detector. To find the best tramp metal detectors, you may start searching for the most reputable manufacturers online today.

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