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Bucket Elevator Components

| 22/07/2011

Bucket elevator components vary depending on the type of industry it’s being used for. Many elevator systems are very similar in look and function however some are very different as far as components that are used to make them function properly. If you take away the outer housing of a bucket elevator basically what you’ll be looking at is a belt that surrounds two different pulleys. This pulley system consists of an upper and lower pulley. When the belt surrounds these to pulleys it will turn in a counterclockwise fashion ‘normally”.

bucket elevator componentsBuckets are attached to the belt and these buckets circle the pulleys with the belt going up on one side and down the other. When these buckets reach the bottom they collect material, when they reach the top they deliver the material. There are other important components that keep everything working properly such as a belt tensioner. The belt tensioner is used to adjust the tension of the belt to make sure it’s not too slack or too tight ensuring smooth operation. There is also pulley alignment, which aligns the pulley and prevents the belt from slipping from one side to the next.

There is also motion alignment, which allows the delivery of the product in a specific area at the top of the bucket elevator. Looking at the bucket elevator with all of the other components and parts that are attached you’ll see the head section, the boot section, the inspection section, the inlet hopper, a couple inspection doors, and the up leg and down leg. This is a very simplified version of some of the bucket elevator components and parts that are used in order to create an elevator system. Some of the other components that are used are the head cover, had pulley, motor mounts for the electric motor, the belt, and the buckets.

Bucket Elevator Components in WA

All of these additional bucket elevator components are required for smooth operation as well as providing a safe and functional work environment. Bucket elevators typically run for hours on end which means each component has to perform properly and without issue. Bucket elevators are the industry choice for moving a variety of materials from one location to another.

Sanwest is a Western Australia company based in Perth and supply bucket elevator components.


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