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ReSound Hearing Aids

| 05/07/2011

ReSound, the parent company of Beltone is a Dutch company that produces extremely high quality digital hearing aids. Although many of the digital hearing aids that are produced by ReSound use the same circuitry as many of the Beltone models, they are almost half the price. With ReSound hearing aids you will find that many of the products that are available cater to seniors and younger people alike, taking into consideration the more extreme difficulties some are struggling with as a result of their hearing loss.

There are many different reasons people may lose their hearing over time and some of these can be contributed to loud noises, accidents, or time. That’s right; some people over time will lose a certain amount of their hearing due to age and this is just a natural part of aging. Some of the things that used to work perfectly aren’t working the way they used to and this is also true when it comes to hearing. For this reason, there has been a lot of research done on hearing aid products and today this technology has produced some very impressive products.

The hearing aids you’ll find today have really focused on digital technology. ReSound hearing aids has incorporated digital technology in virtually every hearing aid they’ve developed over the last decade. This is very good news for seniors as well as those that are experiencing hearing difficulties regardless of the age group. Digital, unlike analog technology, allows the user many different options when it comes to adjusting volume, frequencies, tone, and noise reduction. With the earlier analog hearing aids, you could only turn your hearing aids up or down.

Depending on the type of hearing loss you’re struggling with, ReSound has more than likely designed a hearing aid that can be adjusted to the range and settings that will best suit your needs. Many seniors may feel that there is nothing that can be done in regards to the type of hearing loss they are having issues with. You must understand that because of all the different situations and conditions that people are having problems with regards to their hearing, ReSound and other companies have developed a wide range of hearing aids to help battle the problem.

Some of the hearing aids that are very effective for those over the age of 55 are:

ReSound Ziga

resound zigaThe Ziga is a digital programmable hearing aid that is extremely effective as well as being very moderately priced. This unit actually uses the same exact circuits as the very high end Azure, but it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles making it very affordable and very efficient. The Ziga provides multiple programming modes making it easily adaptable to any person’s specific needs. The volume control provides easy access and the battery compartment is very conveniently located. Battery life on this unit is right at 330 hours and you can be fitted for this selection in a matter of minutes.

ReSound Dot2

resound dot2, hearing aids Here is another affordable option provided by ReSound hearing aids that not only brings you excellent technological advances but a sleek and elegant design as well. The Dot2 is consider the tiny BTE type hearing aid because of the design structure, but don’t let the size of this unit fool you, it is packed with features that many of the larger units can only wish for. The Dot2 is an excellent choice because of the excellent sound quality, phenomenal noise reduction, and the increased ability to locate certain sounds in your surroundings.

ReSound Sparx

resound sparxFor those that have extreme issues with their hearing the ReSound Sparx is a wonderful addition to an already excellent line of hearing aids. For those that need extreme amounts of power, the Sparx takes it to another level. Maximum power with optimal comfort at an affordable price is what you’ll find with the ReSound Sparx. Nothing has been left for guessing with an easy to operate configuration, long battery life, 145db SPL and 86db gain, this BTE device can be worn in almost every environment providing you with hours of usage.

ReSound hearing aids are some of the most technologically advanced hearing aids on the market today and for this reason, there will surely be a digital hearing aid that will suit your needs. They are all very easy to adjust, they provide long battery life, and they all can be fitted within minutes. If you’re looking for something that provides extreme quality and a multitude of benefits, ReSound has a few hearing aids that may have you listening up.

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