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Tips on Hiring an SEO Consultant

| 01/07/2011

Finding an SEO consultant is not difficult, but once you find an SEO you will need to make sure that they will work well with you and your business. An SEO’s job is to gather information about your business and develop a plan that includes the process to get your web presence to rank higher in the search engines naturally and organically. So if you are trying to hire an SEO there are some things you may want to take into consideration before doing so. There are certain steps you need to take that will help you choose the correct SEO that will work for you. Before you go down the path though, you also need to consider if you would like to outsource your work to an international company or someone in Perth or even over east.

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How long has this SEO been in business? Before moving forward, this is some information that you will need to know. The reason for this is you will want to do research on this person’s or company’s service and in order to do your job correctly you will need to know if this person has been in business for a considerable amount of time.


Does this SEO have any referrals that they can offer you? A professional SEO should have referrals that you can speak with to find out more information pertaining to their service and its effectiveness.


What is this SEO’s history? Can they point you to a specific Web presence that they have worked with and show you the effectiveness of their experience and skill? Many professional SEO’s will enjoy showing you this information, but this will only happen if you ask.

Track Record

How consistent is this SEO? Does this SEO consistently provide the results that are required on a continual basis? It is very important when researching your SEO to make sure that they are consistent. The reason for this is if they’ve only worked with one or two clients in the past, and one client enjoyed results while another client had no results, it’s very possible that this particular person may have got lucky. You will want to see actual information that shows that many previous clients experienced the same positive results.

When hiring an SEO consultant, try to make sure you ask the questions that will help you determine whether or not their services will work for your business.

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