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URAS Vibrating Motors

| 28/06/2011

If you’re looking for some of the best vibrators on the market today, URAS vibrating motors are some of the best endurance and performance motors money can buy. Each and every URAS vibrator either meets or exceeds IP-66 standards, which lets you know they take their development and construction very seriously. These vibrators have been specifically developed to handle a wide variety of situations and conditions making them the ideal choice when it comes to outfitting your machinery.

uras vibrating motor

URAS Vibrating Motor

URAS offers a wide variety of vibrating motors to choose from providing you with many different options when it comes to your machinery. Regardless of what size machines you are working with, these motors have been specifically designed to perform at maximum output levels for long periods of time. This is only possible because URAS uses only the finest materials to construct their motors making them some of the most sought after vibrators on the market today.

Because there are so many different types of machines that utilise vibrating motors in different ways, URAS has developed a line of vibrators to fit almost any type of machine. Although there are different sizes, they will also come in different power ratings as well. These motors are available in single-phase as well as three-phase motors that can be adapted to most any type of machinery with regards to your specific application. With this in mind, URAS makes it very easy for you to choose between all the different models based on your specific requirements and machine specs.

uras high frequency vibrating motor

High Frequency Vibrating Motor

URAS vibrating motors provide hours of service and performance, and when properly maintained will provide continual service at maximum output levels. These vibrators are built to endure almost any type of environment, making them some of the highest rated vibrators available for any type of industry regardless of location. They have been designed to be light weight allowing them to work more efficiently and effectively for longer periods of time. These vibrators are extremely quiet because they utilize many of the anti-vibration devices that are built right in to each and every motor.

Sanwest is WA’s dealer and supplier of URAS Motors. They can be contacted via their website.

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