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Perth Wedding Photographer – Engagement Shoot

| 31/05/2011

Are you engaged to be married? If so, there is no better time to begin the interviewing process to find that perfect Perth wedding photographer. This is a great way to begin building a relationship with a wedding photographer of your choosing. At this point you already know the wedding is right around the corner and you would like to find a photographer that will be a comfortable fit, so finding a wedding photographer at this point would be a great benefit in many ways.

To begin with, many people normally choose a wedding photographer when they are halfway through the planning stages of their wedding. This may work for some but for others it doesn’t, and you end up trying to find a replacement at the last moment. Making a decision to find a wedding photographer to shoot your engagement photos will give you ample time to discuss your plans with them as well as finding out just how well your photographer will work with you.

When choosing your Perth wedding photographer, you will want to consider a few things before you get started. Making a list of all the questions you would like to ask beforehand will be the best choice. In your list you will want to know how long they have been in the business, how many wedding shoots they have done, are they members of the AIPP, what types of shooting do they offer, and if they can shoot your engagement photos. Once you have established all of this information and you feel comfortable, it’s time to book a meeting and review some of their work.

Once you have met up with your photographer, take some time and review some of their work. Make sure you spend a bit of time looking through their portfolio of different weddings they have done and make sure you like what you are viewing. If you feel comfortable with their work, you can ask them about working with you and your engagement photos. You can also be upfront with them and tell them you would like to have them shoot your engagement pictures so you can get to know them better as well as their style of work.

This is also very helpful for you so you can understand how the process works. This will prepare you for the big day and you will actually know just what to expect. Many times your photographer will make a package deal if you do decide you would like them to take your engagement photos as well as the wedding. When your photographer is working with you, get to know how they work and how they move. You will be amazed at how much you will learn when it comes to their complete ability.

When the photographer is finished with the photo shoot, get to know how the process works from the picture taking session all the way to the development stages. You will want to be involved in picking and choosing the pictures you would like, and when you have decided which ones you want, let the photographer work their magic on putting together a wonderful engagement set of photos. You will experience their expertise on managing photographs and the complete touch up process.

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When your engagement photographs are complete you will get a real sense of the experience and professionalism of your new photographer. Knowing your photographer and their shooting style will help you and your photographer when it comes time for the wedding. You will be surprised at the knowledge many wedding photographers have about different types of weddings and how to shoot them. If you are looking for someone to really bounce things off of, you will want to share your plans with your photographer.

Hiring a Perth wedding photographer before the initial wedding will help you get a better handle on the process involved in taking pictures as well as getting to know your wedding photographers style and shooting methods. Building a relationship on your trial run so to speak, is very effective and in reality will provide you with piece of mind knowing that you will have one less thing to worry about.

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