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Denture Pain?

Dentures have been a life saver for many people that have lost their natural teeth as a result of an injury, tooth decay, or periodontal disease. In many cases, as a result of having your brand-new dentures, there is a period during the adjustment phase that your gums are actually getting used to your new dentures and can become sore and painful. Denture pain that new dentures cause can really be frustrating for many people and cause them to not wear them when they should.

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For those of you that have been experiencing denture pain, as a result of having new dentures, it is imperative that you read the rest of this article and apply the information that pertains to your specific situation. Although dentures are of vital importance in keeping your facial features from changing as well as helping you to chew your food, it’s very important to know that upon receiving your dentures you will have to get through the adjustment period that is only normal because they’re new.

The problem for many people is they never really get through this adjustment phase because they keep taking they’re dentures out, never really allowing their gums to get used to them. In order for the adjustment period to work properly you will need to continue to wear your dentures daily, the denture pain will pass over time. There is another issue that people face and that is gum shrinkage. Over time this process will affect your dentures and the result is an improper fit. Below is a list of effective solutions that will help you remedy the issues that are related to painful dentures and discomforts.

Keeping your dentures clean

Many people really don’t associate painful gums with dentures that haven’t been cleaned properly. Your gums are very sensitive to having something new rubbing up against them, but what makes it worse is when ‘whatever is doing the rubbing’ is not clean, or is full of harmful bacteria that can cause soreness or even painful sores if not taken care of. It is important to clean your dentures every night, removing all foreign material as well as disinfecting them in the process. This will ensure a perfect fit every time and will allow your gums to heal and get used to your new dentures.

Brush your gums

I know for many people they may think this sounds ridiculous but it’s not. You need to get in the practice of brushing your gums and the reason is foreign material can lodge itself in the un-even areas of the gum. This is where harmful bacteria will settle and live while your new dentures are in place. The other reason brushing your gums are very importance is gum stimulation. It’s just as important to stimulate your gums when you have dentures, as it was when you had your natural teeth. This process helps the gum tissue to regenerate itself and stay healthy in the process.

Eating soft foods

It is so important to stick with softer foods. The more you give your dentures a work out, the more denture pain your gums will experience as a result. Choose foods that are not hard on your gums during the adjustment stages, and gradually introduce harder foods later on. Your gums are experiencing something that is completely new and different so give them the best chance for adjustment by eating softer foods from the start.

Pain relievers

Using pain relievers moderately can help you through the adjustment period, as well as helping those with dentures that aren’t fitting properly. If you are experiencing denture pain it is common to use a pain reliever to help in this area. This will give your gums a chance to heal and adjust. For those that are having difficulty with dentures that do not fit properly, pain relievers will help until you have your dentures relined.

These are all important ways to help you get through the painful periods of denture adjustment and sore gums. If you focus on these areas and do your best to apply these methods you will experience pain free gums in no time. If you’ve had your dentures in for a while and they’re giving you denture pain, this can be due to misalignment. If this is the case, take some time and visit your denture clinic and ask about having your dentures relined.

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