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Your Perth Wedding Photographer (helping with direction)

| 20/05/2011

You are getting ready for that special day, you’re sitting with your groom and at once you both just realised you are kind of camera shy. You don’t know why this is but you’re really used to hiding in pictures or you don’t really like to be the center of attraction. At other times you feel as though you really don’t take pictures very well. Believe it or not, this is a very common problem, and one of the benefits of choosing a Perth wedding photographer is this is something easily overcome.

You are not the only one that has had a problem in front of cameras, and many people simply do not like to have their pictures taken. You might be asking, ‘then what do people do in this case and where do they go for help?’ This is why you need to choose a wedding photographer that can help you with those very needs. You see, even though you don’t like to be photographed or you feel as though you don’t really take photos well, this isn’t a reason to give up on photos for your wedding.

perth wedding photographerTo solve this issue, this will be good subject matter when interviewing your Perth wedding photographer. You see, your wedding photographer is a professional, and they have the experience when it comes to working with people that need help getting through the picture taking process. But not all wedding photographers are the same and in fact, some do not work well with people that are camera shy, feel as though they don’t take pictures well, or simply hide when it comes time to take pictures.

During the interview you will want to know how the photographer feels about giving direction to people that don’t know the first thing about taking photographs. This is important because to be honest, how many people really know how to model for picture taking, not that many. The wedding photographer can make the picture process easy and simple for everyone if they feel comfortable about providing direction. There are some things that need to be considered before asking this question.

The wedding photographer is a professional and creating excellent photo shoots is what they do. Depending on how much direction they need to give, may have some bearing on the price. The reason is it does take more time to work with individuals that have an issue in this area. Some photographers simply understand that many people have problems with taking photographs and they are prepared for it, but some may feel that it might take more time and they need to charge more.

These are all items to discuss during the interview process because you want your pictures to look as natural as possible, they will need to be able to give direction for posing, photo times, dress, makeup, positions, expressions, and while all this is happening, making sure you look as wonderful as possible. In some cases there are photographers that will bring an assistant for this exact purpose.

The photographer’s assistant will help you with getting ready and they will help calm you down if you feel exited, they will help with direction as far as the next step that needs to be taken, and where you need to be for the next shot. This process is very comforting and to be honest, only the professional wedding photographers that have been doing weddings for a while and are member of AIPP will have experience in this area.

When choosing your Perth wedding photographer, discussing these matters will actually allow you to hear them express their professional views and thoughts about the matter. In most cases you will be impressed when you find out that they have already anticipated this matter and are very equipped to handle it. This will set your mind at ease and you will not have to worry about how you will look or react when it comes time to get your photos taken. Weddings are a wonderful time, and you shouldn’t have to worry about how you will look in your photos. So, getting this matter under control from the start will be very beneficial to you when the big day gets here.

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