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Hearing Aids will help with Hearing Problems

| 15/05/2011

There are millions of people around the world that suffer from some type of hearing loss and over 75% of those people are between the ages of 55 and 75 years old. Normally the people that are in the higher age bracket are typically the ones that are suffering from the most hearing loss. Some of those individuals suffer from different levels of hearing loss and this can be severe, moderate, or mild. If you are suffering from any of these levels of hearing loss a hearing aid can provide many benefits that were otherwise unknown.

Hearing loss is the result of some part of the auditory system that has been damaged from either loud noises or old age. When this damage occurs, a sufferer typically will lose a considerable amount of hearing over a certain period of time. It is not known for some individuals how rapidly this can occur, because for some, it can happen a lot faster than others. If treated properly a hearing aid can help with the effects of damaged hearing. When a person goes in for hearing loss treatment, they are typically checked to see what type of hearing loss they are suffering from.

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There are three different areas of hearing loss that are checked while an individual is in treatment and that is, the configuration of hearing loss, the degree of hearing loss, and the type of hearing loss. Each of these different areas will provide information about your hearing that will allow the person that is treating you to make the best recommendations possible for your particular situation. In some cases what is found is, you may have suffered a type of hearing loss that will need to be re-created through a hearing device. Other types of hearing loss is very basic and deal with frequencies as well as different tones.

Once it has been determined what type of hearing loss you’re suffering from, a hearing aid can then be selected based on this information. Some people that suffer from hearing loss have an issue with hearing different tones that need to be amplified in a certain way to make all the sounds that they are hearing, sound familiar again. There are some that have an issue with frequencies which means they do not hear certain frequency in a particular sound, and the frequencies will need to be re-created based on what they’re hearing.

When an audiologist chooses a hearing aid they base the information for their choice on the type of hearing loss you are suffering from. But even based on their best choice a hearing aid will still need to be adjusted and configured properly to allow you to hear the type of sounds that make sense to you. In many cases just selecting a type of hearing aid will not actually allow you to hear the sound you want to hear but instead, you hear everything at once. The purpose of selecting the proper hearing aid will allow you to hear the things you want to hear and not all the noises or interference.

Because of the different levels of hearing loss each individual is different. This is why having treatment done is so important for your level of hearing loss, so you can be matched with the correct device that will help your needs. For individuals that suffer with hearing loss it is important to have your hearing checked on a regular basis. This is very important regardless of whether or not you have a hearing aid, because over time your hearing will get slightly worse and your hearing device will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Even though we do understand that hearing loss affects the older age groups, it also affects the younger age groups as well and many times it is harder to detect whether or not a younger individual has a problem with their hearing. So it is very important for individuals to be extremely vigilant about having their hearing checked to make sure they are not suffering from any type of hearing loss. When a person suffers from hearing loss typically the quality of life is then sacrificed. A hearing aid can change the way many people interact with others as well as socialise and get the most out of life.

Vivid Hearing is an independent clinic with a wide variety of hearing aids available. Being independent means that this clinic is not bias towards one brand, a correct device will be recommended to fit your lifestyle and budget.


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