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| 08/05/2011

Are you in the middle of making arrangements for an event you’ve been planning, and you need a Perth limo hire transfer but you aren’t quite sure where to start? Believe it or not, this is actually where everyone starts when it comes to booking a limo hire. It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring wedding limos or limos for school balls, the way to get started is by simply picking up the phone or sending an e-mail to a Perth limo hire of your choice. Making that first contact is very important when it comes time to make your booking, but there are certain things you will need to know about a limo hire before getting started.

The main item of consideration before booking a limo hire is to establish communication. This can be by phone or e-mail, but the preference is using e-mail and the reason is everything that is said or stated can be documented for any specific need in the future. This is important especially if you’re looking for a Perth limo hire that provides a particular type of service such as wedding limos, or even the type of vehicle you would like to use like a Chrysler 300c, or something different. All of this information will be documented on both ends so you can reference back to that information in the future.

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When calling on the phone nothing is documented, therefore you have nothing you can look back on to make sure everything is correct. With this in mind, it is important to have a list of items ready to go so when it comes time to talk to your Perth limo hire, and you can get started immediately. Below is a list of items that may help you in the process of choosing the correct limo hire for your event. This list will work whether you are looking for:

  • wedding limos
  • school ball limos
  • business limo hire
  • air port pick ups

you will have the information you need to give to your provider.
The date then the day of service

When booking your limo hire you always want to choose the date first and not the day, because days will typically get mixed up and you will have to go back to your notes and find out where the problem arose. So start off with your date, and then the day and you should be fine.

The names and phone numbers of all passengers

Contact information for your passengers is very important especially if your limo hire is running a tight schedule. If your limo hire needs to contact any one of the passengers they have the ability to do so, because you have provided the needed information.

All addresses were passengers need to be picked up

Your limo hire needs all the addresses for all of your passengers to eliminate any issues regarding pickup. This may not seem to be an issue but many times depending on which area your passengers need to be picked up, it can become time-consuming as well as difficult if addresses are not provided.

Clearly state the time for pickup

You want to make sure your limo hire has all the pertinent information required for picking your guests up on time. This also means that your guests need to be ready when the limo hire is scheduled to pick them up.

Delivery address

Many can assume that the limo hire knows exactly where to drop off their passengers, but the fact is, unless they received specific information in regards to where their passengers need to be delivered, this can create an issue.

How you would like to pay for your Perth limo hire service

Most limo hire services will take many forms of payment, but it is always best to make sure the type of payment required before moving ahead with your booking.

Whether you are looking for wedding limo’s or any other type of limo service there are some other items that you want to take into consideration before booking your Perth limo hire. Those items pertain to any additional items one or more of your passengers may be bringing with them. This can be in the form of luggage, children, or any other additional items that may affect the contract between you and your limo hire. In many cases it won’t but it’s always better to be prepared when gathering information and providing it to your Perth limo hire.

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