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Perth Wedding Photographer

| 25/04/2011

Has your Perth wedding photographer ever shot a wedding ceremony like the one you’re planning? If there is anything that can be said about a wedding that is true, wedding ceremonies can take on many different themes. This really compounds the benefits of getting your wedding photographer in on the planning very early. It is not unlikely that what you are planning for a ceremony, your wedding photographer has never seen, nor have they ever shot anything like it.

Perth Wedding Photographer

You will really need to be ahead of the game here, and make sure the wedding photographer that you have chosen is working with you if you plan on having a wedding ceremony that is very different. The fact is your wedding photographer should be aware of the plans and what your ceremony entails. There are so many things that need to be considered when it comes to different types of ceremonies and where they are located that your photographer may have some questions or may need to be notified.

If you are planning something that is very different for a wedding ceremony, then it is imperative you have your Perth wedding photographer involved to make sure the setting will allow for the best quality photographs possible. There are many different factors that can come into play when it comes to ceremony locations as well as what type of ceremony you are planning. Some of these factors will include lighting, equipment positioning, the ability to interact with the setting, and whether or not you have chosen a wedding photographer that can handle the job.

When choosing a Perth wedding photographer you will want to provide them with as much information about the type of wedding ceremony and reception you can. This will not only prepare them for what is to come but if they have any questions, suggestions, or objections you can get them resolved and out of the way early on. Many times this isn’t the case and you do not have the luxury of working with a wedding photographer beforehand.  If you fall under this category you simply want to do the best you can.

Open to your ideas

Your wedding photographer should be open to all ideas about your ceremony regardless of what kind you are planning. It would be helpful though, if the wedding photographer was familiar with the kind of wedding you are thinking of. The reason is if this is the first time your wedding photographer has done this type of photo shoot, you are going to be looking at first time wedding photos in more ways than one. Although your photographer is a professional, it will be better to find someone that is very familiar with the type of plans you have.

Are they AIPP accredited?

Now this doesn’t have to be difficult because you can normally take care of these issues over the phone. You can call a Perth wedding photographer and ask the questions needed, and if you’ve found someone that is likeable and has had experience with everything you’ve been planning, ask to see some of their previous work of different events. If you can, try and find out a bit more information about them as far as reliability, how long they have been in business, and if they are a member of AIPP.

Perth Wedding Photographer

All of these things will benefit you in more ways than you can think of. For now, you have looked at some of the photographers work and it looks as though they are familiar with the type of ceremony and reception you are planning. From this stage forward you will want to involve your wedding photographer in your plans as much as you can to make sure they will have everything they need as well as you making every moment possible, a photo opportunity.

After all, regardless of the type of wedding you are having, your Perth wedding photographer will need photo opts throughout the wedding, and the more involved they are the more opportunities they will have to take those perfect shots. If the wedding ceremony you are planning will have an impact on the wedding photographer, you will need to get this straightened out as quickly as you can.


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