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| 17/04/2011

A portrait photographer uses a style of photography to capture a still portrait. This can be of a landscape, animals, a group of people or just a person’s facial likeness, personality, or mood. The main idea of the photograph is to capture a person’s still image, in this image a person is normally looking right at the camera, giving it the ‘I know I am the object of this picture’ look. The person in the picture is normally not smiling, and for all intensive purposes, the picture is to capture that serious look.

The main focus of a portrait photographer decades ago was for capturing individuals in normal settings and likeness. The images were not re-mastered or touched up in any way, in fact the most a portrait photographer could do, was work with lighting to get different effects in their images. Of course this was until colour came about. When colour was introduced into photography, portrait photographers could make several different changes to their photos. Now, portrait photographers could still make adjustments like image separation and lighting, and in most cases they could change how soft, hard, clear, and sharp an image could become.

Today, portrait photographers are required to possess skills in this type of photography, this is because of the digital technology that is behind this sort of art, for the lack of a better word. When people are looking for portrait photographers, they are looking for a specific skill set like, photographic technical skills. They must be talented and artistic enough to match technology with photography. They need to be excellent at capturing landscape images as well as portrait photographs. A portrait photographer today needs many skills under one hat. They will need to have a good grasp on working with computer imagery technology as well as the software that supports it.

If you are trying to find a portrait photographer, you can begin your search by looking for someone that is local to where you are. You can do this by getting referrals from close friends or relatives, your local phone book or business directory, or search online for a portrait photographer. Once you have all the numbers you need to call, it is important to have an idea of what type of portrait you are looking for like family, children, babies, yourself, another family member and so on. The reason you need this information is for the questioning session you’ll have with the photographer.

Portrait photographers are very smart when it comes to picture taking, so what you want to know is how they feel about the type of work you are presenting. Most will be willing to take on your work and begin to explain how the process works. The portrait photographer that will be the most interesting will be the one that asks you a lot of questions like, who will be in the portraits, how old are the children, what are their sleep patterns, what would be the best time to meet. These are all good questions, and you can tell this is someone who has done this a few times.

Once you’ve found someone you feel can do the job, set up a meeting. When setting your appointment to meet, set it out a couple of days so you have time to do some research on your own. Most people don’t feel this is a big issue however; due-diligence always pays off in the end. Make sure you spend some time finding out more information on this photographer and his work. If you can find any names or portraits he has completed this will serve you well in making your decision to contract with this photographer.

Once you make contact with the portrait photographer take your time and view their portfolio of portraits and other pictures, this will allow you to get the feel for them. Ask them to discuss some of the work involved in portraits like colours, image editing, touch up, colour changes, or anything you can think of. Some really good photographers will like to show you everything, all the way down to the frame selection you will choose for displaying your photographs. Once you’ve been satisfied you are ready to move forward.

Working with a portrait photographer can be very engaging and impressive, after all they are artists with their cameras and they have an eye for portraits.

You can see some of Perth Portrait Photographers.

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