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Classic Wedding Limos in Perth

| 15/04/2011

Your wedding is right around the corner and you are looking for a wedding car hire company in Perth, but you aren’t looking for just any hire, you want something a bit more vintage so you decided to look for classic wedding cars in Perth. Arriving to and leaving from your wedding in a classic wedding car is a fantastic way to create a sense of elegance and style to any wedding. This is not to mention all of the photo opportunities you can take advantage of as well as the years of pleasure and excitement those photos will provide.

If you are looking for classic wedding cars in Perth, where does one start to look because there are a lot of wedding car hire companies available, and this could make it difficult. The first thing you may want to do is find out what type of classic cars are available. Every wedding car hire company will not have every kind of vintage car for hire. The type of classic wedding car and the history will help in choosing something for your special occasion, and these vary like a Daimler, Bentley, Rolls Royce or you might be looking for a classic Jaguar.

Each and every type and style of classic wedding car brings its history and meaning with it, and when people see these vintage glimpses of the past it brings back memories of their own lives and leaves a lasting effect. Your preference should be something that only you feel a connection with and the way to find this out is to know a little more about each type of classic wedding car you can get. Each vintage car says something about the era in which it was produced as well as the class and elegance it brought to the buyer whether it was a simple person, a movie star legend, a King or Queen, and even a President.

The choices for classic wedding cars in Perth are many but we’ll start with the Daimler. The Daimler is a vehicle that catches many eyes and for good reason. Daimler’s have an excellent reputation for being an excellent choice for weddings but they bring so much more. The beautiful lines and styling make them eye catching as well as a conversation piece. The history of Daimler alone is enough to make you want to check this one out first, but if you do, get ready for a real look into the past.

bentley, limo hire perthBentley is another classic that also brings a lot of history with it as well as glamour and elegance. When you speak of classic wedding cars in Perth, Bentley is among the top contenders. The name alone puts this vintage classic right in the front of the pack with its innovative offerings for the time period. Bentley has always been a leader in finding ways to pamper their owners and they have done quite well in the process. The vintage Bentley’s were designed to be chauffeured and as a passenger you will be pampered to your heart’s content.

Limo Perth, Rolls RoyceThe Rolls Royce is another choice for classic wedding cars in Perth and to be honest, an introduction to this classic would probably do it an injustice. The name Rolls Royce,  too many, simply means royalty, and this is because for more years that can be remembered the Rolls Royce has been used by Kings, Queens and Presidents the world over. This is an image that many people associate with stature and monarchy, and what a better reason to use this image to make an impression at your wedding on that special day. Heads will turn and people will talk because when you arrive in a Rolls Royce you are making a statement.

limo hire perth, jaguarThe Jaguar is a favourite with its charming history and classic lines and if you are looking for really nice wedding photo opportunities, the Jaguar will provide an excellent background for you. Classic wedding cars in Perth offer so many choices and these are only a few.

With the information above you can understand the meaning of each of these classics and know just what they will bring to your special wedding occasion.

Belle Classics have a wide variety of Classic cars and limos available for your Perth limo hire.

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