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Finding Energy Leaks

| 06/04/2011

One of the most common energy leaks found in Australian homes is through improperly sealed doors and windows.  In most cases problem can be fixed, by using a thermal camera to identify where the seal needs to go to minimise cold air / hot air transfer.

Seals can be bought from your local hardware store for under $20 and stuck between doors taking immediate effect on air transfer.

Having properly sealed doors will ensure you are energy efficient. So if you are running an air conditioner, this will ensure that you don’t waste energy while your air con is working as it does not have to over compensate.  Finding leaks of air will ensure that you are working at an optimum.

An example of an “energy leak” found in a house via  thermal camera:

Energy Leak Window Frame, Perth

This same principle applies for windows and skylights.  Your windows can be sealed with special tape, which is also available from your hardware store.

Scantherma offers Finding Energy Leak Audits.

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