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| 10/12/2010

Web design and development is part of any business in Perth. These days not having a website is not an option. There are many options when it comes to a business website, but one thing that is important is having the ability to manage your own content, and in particular adding in new content.

Having a Content Management System (CMS) is a basic requirement in this current age of the internet.  But not all CMS’s are the same and all options should be considered.

There are 3 fundamental options when choosing a CMS:

  • Open Source CMS
  • Off the shelf CMS
  • Custom CMS

Open Source CMS

These are free of charge and will fit most business needs these days. The Open Source CMSs are very advanced and even the most simple one will allow you to manage your own pages, add in blogs, have a contact form and have some sort of reasonable presentation that you can mange and customise for your own business. An example is WordPress or Joomla.

Off the Shelf CMS

You can purchase a CMS off the shelf and these range from $49 up to thousands, and it is pretty much depended if you have a niche requirement. Some CMS have something special about them that will allow you to manage your content in a particular way. A shopping cart can be seen as a CMS that allows a person to mange products very easily. Also, a picture gallery CMS can be used by photographers to manage their photos easily. An example would be Expression Engine or WP Commerce.

Custom CMS

Naturally the most expensive option as the CMS would be developed from scratch or some sort of foundation and built around the requirements of the business. An example of this is something like, where the website has a unique requirement.

Pretty much most CMSs have got the option to be expanded in some capacity to fit most it not all of the requirements of a business. A good web developer in Perth will  be able to apply some custom code, widgets or plug ins to give a CMS some custom features and apply some custom design aspects.

Contact Good Good Web Design and SEO

web design, perth, seoGood Good Web Design and SEO is a boutique website development company in Perth specialising in Open Source CMS development utilising WordPress CMS as a prime platform but not exclusively.  An Open Source CMS Technology approach is enouraged for most clients to reduce costs.

Independent view on website requirements and unbiased approach without a single CMS focus will result in the best result.

All websites developed by Good Good have an SEO focus and this is considered from the beginning of the development.


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